There is in the National Archives of the Philippines a large collection of manuscripts related to the beginnings of the Province of Abra, among them the decree of creation of the Province with Bucay as the first capital.
    Shown next in this web page are digital photos of a set of five manuscripts containing the original decree by which Governor General Claveria created the Province. The decree is dated 9 October, 1846 but it took some weeks more to enact it as the document had to be routed to pertinent agencies of the central government to ensure administrative effects before the decree could be implemented. Don Ramon Tajonera y Marzal was appointed the first governor of Abra on Oct 19 of the same year and was sworn into office on 15 January, 1847, the day we can say Abra began to function as a province.
    Each manuscript is accompanied by the transcription of its contents in the original Spanish. Those who can read the decree’s Spanish will notice a good deal of misspellings. Looking at the manuscripts of the era, one notices several secretaries evidenced by their different penmanship. What puts them all in the same class though  is their shaky grasp of Spanish spelling. The transcription I offer keeps these misspellings, as well as abbreviations common to the government lingo of the times. The English translation, obviously, can render neither the misspellings or the abbreviations.


Manuscripts & Spanish transcription                                                     Manuscripts' English translation
Jose R. Perdigon, Dec., 2006